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Motivational but make it Caribbean.

We are continuing our quest towards our dreams.

Last year, we had dreams. We made plans, and we jumped into action.

This year, we are STILL on the same vibes, and we are not stopping.

PI DEVAN means forward in Creole. It's our word for the year.

Let's continue to pursue our dreams. We are closer than ever.


The woman on the hoodie is looking forward with hopes and dreams.

She wears her crown well.

She has her business on her head and in her hands. She is carrying everything with grace, beauty, and strength.


The man in the hoodie is looking ahead with determination in his eyes.

He has goals, and he won't let anyone or anything get in it's way.

He won't quit. He won't stop.

He ain't playin'

Both King and Queen are locked in and moving forward in for 2024.


PI DEVAN - Queen or King Hoodie

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